International Debt Collection

Galst Advokataktieselskab is a member of the Alliott Group,, which is among the 12 largest global alliances of independent lawyers and accountants. From 2004 to 2009, the alliance’s legal department, AG Legal, was headed by Hans Christian Galst.

Through this international network, we can help our clients collect debts practically anywhere in the world.

As a first step, SVEGA ADVOKATINKASSO A/S sees to it that the debtor receives a demand notice. If this results in the debtor paying the amount due, inclusive of interest and debt collection expenses, the case stops here without any further expenses for the creditor.

If, however, the debtor fails to respond the demand for payment, SVEGA ADVOKATINKASSO A/S will investigate, through our connections in Europe, how high the costs involved in pursuing the debt collection further will be. Should the creditor then decide not to pursue the matter any further, the fee payable to us will be DKK 500 plus VAT.

Partner in charge: Christian Steen Laursen


Monitoring unpaid debts

SVEGA ADVOKATINKASSO A/S offers to keep track of debt collection cases for its clients without cost for a period of up to 10 years after the legal foundation has been obtained and the claim perhaps has been written off. We call this service Monitoring.

If no payment has been collected when the monitoring period agreed expires, SVEGA ADVOKATINKASSO A/S bears all costs, expenses and fees defrayed in the monitoring period.

If the monitoring results in payment in full or in part from the debtor, the costs and expenses defrayed by SVEGA ADVOKATINKASSO A/S in the monitoring period as well as its fee will be deducted from the amount recovered. The creditor will receive 60% of the remaining balance of the amount recovered.

If a no cure - no pay monitoring service has been agreed, SVEGA ADVOKATINKASSO is only obliged to send a demand notice to the debtor. In these cases SVEGA Advokatinkasso is entitled to enter into any form of settlement with the debtor, including accepting a voluntary composition of down to 50% of the principal amount.

Partner in charge: Christian Steen Laursen

Attorney: Henrik Drewes Rasmussen


The Danish credit reporting bureaus RKI and Debitor Registret

SVEGA ADVOKATINKASSO A/S is a member of both Debitor Registret A/S and RKI Kreditinformation and is thus able to use the services available, including reporting debtors who have failed to pay their debts.

Once a debtor has been reported and appear in the register of a credit reporting bureau, he will be unable to obtain credit from e.g. banks and mortgage credit institutions.

A debtor can be reported to RKI and Debitor Registret once the claim has been established by a court order or in any other way recognised by the debtor. The claim must exceed DKK 1,000. Public and semi-public institutions often have their own special requirements for registration.

Ansvarlig partner: Christian Steen Laursen

Advokat: Henrik Drewes Rasmussen